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Skoon, an easy to carry water purifying backpack for developing nations and travelers

Clean water is precious and there are many across the globe, especially in developing nations like South Africa, who have to walk miles every day to fetch water. But, there is always some or the kind of issue related to uncontaminated water that leads to various kinds of water borne diseases and even cropping up of life threatening situations. In an attempt to make sure that consumable water is available even in poverty stricken areas, designer Pang Teh Say Chun has come up with the brilliantly designed water purifying backpack named Skoon.

Water purifying backpack - Skoon

Carrying water till the house can also prove to be a real pain as people normally walk for miles together with heavy containers either placed on the head on firmly held in the hands. This may affect the posture and trigger joint pains, cervical, spine problems as well as lower backaches. Skoon solves both the problems of providing clean water and correcting the posture. The water purifier has been crafted like a backpack, hence can be easily carried on the shoulders with a strap. It won’t strain nerves, joints or muscles as the weight will be distributed evenly on the shoulders and waist.

The design comprises of parts like a water collection bag, plastic sand filter, light bending panel and a water container. Before the water enters the container, it needs to go through sand after it is collected in the bag by applying pressure. Once the collection bag is full, a user needs to connect it to the sand filter with the help of a hose. The water falls into the container after passing through the filter when pressure is applied by kneeling, sitting or pressing the bag. Water sediments as well as suspended particles are collected by the sand filter that has a portable nature. The water collected after this is clean enough to be disinfected via solar energy. The filter is easy to use as well as wash to remove the filtered sediments.

The outside of the backpack water filter comes swathed with a light bending panel, which aids solar water disinfection. It is an effective method to obtain clean water and doesn’t cost much. Adequate sun exposure, while carrying water home will disinfect the water without much struggle or any added steps. Intensity of the UV rays is increased which in turn brings down the total time required for disinfection. Most of the microorganisms are inactivated as water passes several times through solar focus points. Carrying Skoon on the back won’t be uncomfortable as frame has been crafted keeping in mind the shape of human spine. Weight is distributed on the hips as the straps are consciously placed around the hip area.

Skoon will prove to be very useful in nations where getting access to consumable water is difficult. The portable water purifying backpack has a well crafted design and vows to keep water borne diseases at bay.

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