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The sizzling 2013 SRT Viper races into the scene at the New York Auto Show

The 2013 SRT Viper finally rolled on stage at the New York Auto Show, where it was received with unending praises. Blurry pictures had been doing rounds on the internet as the next generation Dodge Viper was expected to be unveiled anytime soon. This built up a good amount of suspense about the designing and power packed engine that the coupe will come injected with. The wait ends for all the fans, as the 2013 SRT Viper is finally here and looks every inch a sinner.

2013 Viper

It has been fashioned out in a way, which gives it timeless curves complete with carbon fiber hood, deck lid, roof and aluminum door panels. The fifth generation of the iconic two-seater has been pepped up to leave an everlasting impression, which first went on sale in the year 1992. Superior craftsmanship rules the creation, which will be a great package of power and performance. The smartly designed coupe will be made available in two different versions: standard SRT and GTS. While shortly, another racing model will be added to the list with the Viper GTS-R, which will snarl like an angry beast when unleashed.

Both the versions of the 2013 SRT Viper will come fitted with an all aluminum 8.4 liter, V-10 overhead valve engine The powerful engine has a capability to deliver a horse power of 640 and torque measuring 600 lb-ft. The engine also comprises of light in weight and high flow composite intake manifold, catalysts to decrease back pressure, exhaust valves injected with sodium, forged pistons with great strength and a flywheel made from aluminum that brings down reciprocating losses. An updated Tremec TR6060 six speed manual transmission has been added to the design, which has closer gear ratios, a shorter throw shifter and also a shortened final drive ratio from 3.55 to 3.07.

The highly impressive outer skin, crafted out of carbon fiber and aluminum is bound to set pulses racing and leave people wheezing. Aerodynamically functional details and a fresh designing language is what sets the SRT Viper apart. The dramatic fender gills, low stance and double bubble roof makes it a show stealer. The front features bi xenon projector headlamps that solve two functions at the same time as they comprise of LED daytime lights and can be used as turn signals. Still mounted exhaust bezels and an all new exhaust system wrapped in cast aluminum give the rear a gleaming appearance. SRT Viper is the first supercar fitted with LED tail lamps that will put together the stop and turn illumination in just a single element. The impressive coupe will roll in five spoke wheels, which will have a forged aluminum Rattler design. On the other hand, the GTS version will feature a forged aluminum Venom wheel design complete with split six spoke.

The inside is a picture of complete luxury which will put forward a remarkable driving experience. The technologies used are all performance oriented and adding extra sheen is the use of premium materials and fine craftsmanship. The seats, center console and doors come draped in leather giving it a royal appeal. The seats from Sabelt are high performance racing seats, which have a Kevlar or fiberglass shell that is light in weight. It has a generous amount of legroom and headroom, ensuring complete comfort. A 7-inch colored display will provide all the information the driver needs for a great driving experience. The 2013 SRT Viper will not fall short on impressing onlookers and will definitely make eyes do a cartwheel in surprise.

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