Sixth Sense small front pack allows a safe and quick rescue operation

sixth sense 03

Every year thousands of hikers and mountaineers lose their way during adventurous excursions, but only lucky ones thrive to get in touch with rescuers, thanks to inept rescue equipments, and save their lives. Addressing the issue, designer Dieter Amick has developed a small pack to assist rescuers in finding missing persons. Hailed as the “Sixth Sense,” the new small front pack comes equipped with a walkie-talkie, compass and maps, allowing a safe and quick search and rescue operation. If you wanna remove all that clutter, you can install a small gesture-based device to this pack that apart from reducing the clutter as well as weight of the pack also ensures better communication and organization among search and rescue personnel.

sixth sense 01
sixth sense 02
sixth sense 04
sixth sense 05
sixth sense 06

Via: Danke Dieter

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