Six unique and artistic wooden gadgets


Gadgets and electronic devices attract audience all over the world. But have you ever imagined gadgets made of wood? Well it’s not impractical to witness a series of amazingly brilliant wooden gadgets from a small Mp3 player to a fully grown computer. So, why not indulge yourself to see some of the coolest gadgets made from wood:

  • Love listening to music? Then why not listen to your favorite tracks from the cool camera inspired Mp3 player gadget. Fully handcrafted from wood, the unique gadget gives you the perfect sound quality. Therefore, it is aesthetically pleasing as well as functional.


  • Playing classic games can never get old, but now you can play them on beautifully carved wooden NES portable. The flawlessly designed game console features a 3.5-inch LCD display integrated with original NES motherboard. The classy product is designed by Ben Heck forum and draws power from four AA NiMH Batteries at 2500mAh. It offers you a continuous four-hour gameplay without any glitch.
  • Nokia has launched such a brilliantly designed Nokia wooden phone that you just can’t take your eyes off from it. That not only looks great but works smooth as well. The phone is an eco-friendly project from Nokia, which flaunts an 8.0 megapixel camera. The phone also has an amazing display with long lasting battery life.


  • X-Box is considered as one perfect platform for gaming, but have you ever imagined being wooden? Yeah! Now get to witness the brilliantly carved gaming console and it works quite well as it looks. Designed by sculptor Ben Winfield, the wooden console is certainly a masterpiece with a detailed controller.
  • Engineers couldn’t stop them from making the outstanding Super Nintendo with a completely carved wooden case. The classic gaming console has never been so exciting with the newly designed custom-built wooden case. Everything is wooden from buttons and controller apart from the display screen. The wooden gaming console flaunts speakers, modified PS one display fitted with LED backlight and headphone jack.


  • After uniquely designed gaming consoles and Mp3 player, it’s amazing to witness a completely custom-built wooden computer. Jeffery Stephenson from has designed this artistic wooden gadget. The computer is fully functional and complete with slot loading disc drive.

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