Six extraordinarily fastest yachts in the world


Yachts are the recreational boats or ships usually used for lounging and luxury purposes. However, the yacht manufacturers have moved a step ahead to provide the yacht lovers with new designs of yachts to experience speed as well. The yacht manufactures have also given an opportunity to use those yachts as a mean of transportation. The modern yacht engines can reach up to a speed of 55 knots, which can help people to avail a voyage to their destinations.

Let us discuss few of the fastest yachts recently manufactured.


World is not Enough

The World is not Enough yacht was designed by Dutch naval architect Frank Mulder and manufactured by an American company, Millennium Super Yachts. This manufacturer is responsible for designing and producing most beautiful and fastest yachts in the world. The yacht runs on two Paxman diesel engines and two Lycoming gas turbines and produces a power of about 20600hp.The yacht can reach to a speed up to 70 knots. This yacht has an impressive luxurious interior completely designed by Evan K. Marshall. This yacht can accommodate up to 10 guests.


This yacht was built for King Juan Carlos of Spain who has a flair for travelling in speed moving vehicles. This yacht gained the honor to be the fastest yacht in 2000 with a speed of 68 knots by beating the previous fastest 66.7 knots set by John Staluppi’s Moonraker in 1992. This yacht is propelled by three Rolls Royce gas turbines and two MAN diesel engines. It was built by Izar. The length of this yacht is 41.5m.



This yacht can include very large gas turbines. The propulsion system of this yacht has been a unique and innovative one. Devonport had designed this model. This yacht uses 6 gas turbines and 3 water jets to be propelled. The length of this yacht is 50 meters. It can reach a maximum speed up to 65 knots.

Gentry Eagle

Tom Gentry, the designer of this yacht has also many records as far as the speeds of power boats are concerned. The propulsion used in this yacht is a single surface drive. The length of this yacht is 34.1 meter and it can propel at a maximum speed of 64 knot. The engine of this yacht produces a horsepower up to 11,560.


118 WallyPower

This yacht runs at a speed of 60 knots. It has a sleek design and it is driven by three Vericor TF50 gas turbines, each driving a Rolls-Royce Kamewa water jet. The exhaust system of this yacht is made of titanium to save weight and provide resistant to the high temperatures generated by the gas turbines.

Brave Challenger

Brave challenger was initially known as Mercury and it was built by built by Vosper for the Greek shipping tycoon Stavros Niarchos. It was designed by Peter du Cane. The engine of this yacht has three gas turbines combined with surface drives that generate a horse power of 13,620hp and it can reach up to a speed of 60 maximum knots.

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