Sit lamp: 19th century inspiration in a faithful avatar

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Last month at the New Designers showcase in London, Fiona Thomson put some of eccentric creations on display. All of these draw designing inspiration from 19th century forms. Among these creations is Sit Lamp. A charm for large animal statues in the bygone era is reflected in this lamp, which is fashioned after a sitting dog. The torso of the lamp is reminiscent of your faithful companion sitting besides you while the head is a glass shade, shining vividly. Needless to say this companion will see you through darkness for sure! The young graduate designer and artist shows her penchant for the iconic structures of the 19th century by imbibing Sit with an elegance and persona that’s quite rare; the glass shade will nod when you pet it, thereby promoting interaction with the object. Sit Lamp is available in black, white and porcelain for £250, visit her website for ordering information. Jump for more pictures.

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Via: Dezeen

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