Sisifo, an adaptable light piece emits soothing disk shaped radiance

There are so many upsides to this neat looking light piece. The simple and clean cut design looks quite trendy. There is a glassy disc shaped shade jutting out from the cylindrical base. The light piece looks very ethereal and exudes a pristine and romantic aura. The unique light fixture actually combines the benefits of a task lamp and a table lamp. It can be easily placed on large as well as compact surfaces.

Sisifo Artemide

The design is truly ergonomic. The base gives maximum freedom to the disc shaped top thus allowing light to disperse easily in every direction. It is capable of a full 360 degree rotation. A disk of soft yet very powerful light radiates from this lamp. The glow is mellifluous and diffused. Moreover, the radiance appears to be cleverly balanced and can also be rotated. The light has an adjustable diffuser that makes its radiance comforting and also removes any harsh shadows coming in the way.

The piece actually uses energy efficient LEDs for illumination. Although LEDs function efficiently and have become affordable, they are not always exploited intelligently. Most LED light fixtures look just like the run of the mill lamps, scones and pendant lights when one can craft extremely innovative designs using them. In fact, very few designers keep this vital fact in mind before crafting LED light pieces. However, Sisifo on the other hand, looks very different from the regular arrangements.

Many cutting edge breakthrough’s have been used in these light pieces. Micro lenticular surface details have been used to amplify the radiance of this light. The heavy base of the piece bears a double ball joint. Sisifo has actually been created for Artemide. The cutting edge hybrid luminaire is a creation of Scott Wilson.


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