Shweeb pedal-powered monorail looks ahead for a clean and quick ride

human powered monorail  01

Are you fond of biking and want to go for a higher speed with no emissions and traffic or parking worries? Well, the world’s first human-powered monorail system dubbed “Shweeb” lets you pedal around a curvy 200m overhead rail track, akin to bicycle technology, requiring just half the energy of a racing bike and a one third of a mountain bike. Enclosing you in an aerodynamic capsule, the Shweeb travels up to 45kph and allows you to reach the top speed with its seven gears. Accommodating a single rider, seated in one capsule with an adjustable seat confirming to the comfort level, this pedal-powered mode of transportation allows you to use your cellphone without any danger of mishap, as the monorail is suspended on a fixed track.

Presently, the Shweeb is serving as an eco-amusement park ride at Agroventures Adventure Park in Rotorua, New Zealand, but hopefully this eco-friendly concept will soon gain popularity as a means of urban conveyance. This speedy, safe, economical and environmentally affable vehicle not only ease us from the suffering of the traffic but is efficient enough to move a large number of people from one point to the other. Check for the video after the jump.

human powered monorail  02
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Via: Likecool/Treehugger/Ohgizmo

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