SHolm House: A paradise on earth

sholm house

My dreams consist of a genie who shall grant me a wish of a magnificent 250 sqm private residence, hopefully in the suburbs of Stockholm. How does that sound? Good right? Well, you certainly don’t need to wait for a genie to grant and fulfill that wish for you. The project christened SHolm House, is complete with all the modern amenities in place, right from energetic exchanges (transfer of hear, air, light etc) to the enhancement of the architectural designs.

The walls of the house have been made from ceramic composites comprising of lightweight expanded clay aggregate (LECA). Thanks to the porosity of the material, which can be best owed to the high fired up procedure of creating it, you can expect maximum thermal insulation inside the house. The roof is the best feature of the house. Slanted and crafted in the perfect shape, it has been laid with ceramictiles and the right amount of slope to retain the necessary amount of water to help sustain vegetation while at the same time, drain off the extra amount.

sholm house 01

With the roof so well inclined, you can be assured of getting a feel of all the seasons’ right within the four walls of the house. Gone are the days when you had to bask in the sun or sit on the porch to smell the fresh air or rake in the earthly scent. All can be done by sitting right inside your house. As the house has been made to perfection, the best is what you shall get. Proper water system, no storage issues, proper shading, cooling has been ensured while at the same time appropriate measures have been taken for maximum sunlight penetration.

Words are too short for describing this paradise. Experience it for yourself in order to get a feel of the surreal beauty you would be enveloped with once you move into the place with your family.

sholm house 02

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