Shoe design trends that could change the way athletes run

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Athletic shoes are different from other shoe forms. Special designs are kept for these shoes so that they can enhance the performance of the athlete. Some of the renowned and top-notch firms who are involved in manufacturing athlete shoes have adopted the latest trends and designs so that it can help in enhancing the performance. The advancement of technology is also helping the companies go deep in the concept of athlete shoes. Features like, cushioning, guidance and stability are the important factors, which are kept in mind of the shoe manufacturing companies so that injuries, which are a part of life for the athletes, can be minimized.

[box_dark]The changes, which has taken place[/box_dark]

As the performance of athletes have taken new heights, need of new design trends has become a necessity. Athlete show manufacturing companies have proposed new design trends for athletes, which will not just augment their performance but will also make them comfortable. Companies like Nike and Puma along with various others have involved in research process techniques that will help them in designing the wonder shoes. Some of the shoe giants in the industry have stated that, they want to change the way and performance level of the athletes because of which they are devising new factors that can change the entire scenario for the athletes.

As an athlete shoe comprises of two main aspects, which are the upper portion, and the sole, main emphasis is kept on them. As the upper portion of the athlete shoe covers the medial and dorsal parts of the foot, it is important to make the changes keeping in mind these aspects before taking the new design trends. The sole provides stability and cushioning to the foot, it acts as the interface between the planter surface and the ground. The new design trends that are being developed for the athletes will surely enhance this aspect of athlete shoes.

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While designing the new designs of the athlete shoes, cushioning of the shoe is also kept in mind. The new designs, which have been introduced, have more cushioning that gives comfort and ease to the athlete while they are using it. The shoe companies stated that, they had done intense research programs for dealing with the comfort issues of the shoes, as it is the main factor, which gives result to injuries. While developing the cushioning platform for the shoes, theoretical calculations were kept in mind and were tested extensively so that best results could be derived. In addition, bio mechanical process along with biological structures is kept in mind while designing the new trends so that stress on ligaments, bones and cartilage can be understood in a better manner.


[box_dark]The benefits involved[/box_dark]

While designing the new trends in athlete shoe design, motion control has been introduced in the new shoe range. With the development of motion control, overuse syndromes of the foot can be kept to the minimal, which will result in fewer injuries. The new motion control in the latest trends of the athlete shoe will improve the factors of over-pronation.  Using the motion control in the new design techniques, problems related to orthotics can be reduced with ease.

While designing the new techniques, expert views were attained from the physiotherapist for better results. The new design of the shoes for athletes will give them a perfect fit depending on their shoe size so that object of the shoe can be objectively quantified. In addition, the new balance technique that has been kept for use in the new shoe design trends will support the athlete in aspects of stabilization, cushioning and guidance. The rapid changes in the new design trends of the shoes will give the athletes more influence while on the tracks in a hassle free manner.

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