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ShelfX is a smart fridge that doubles as a vending machine for public zones

A smart fridge, a little bit like the vending machines in your offices, can hoard loads of other goodies for you apart from M&M’s, cookies and sodas. The intelligent fridge applies RFID technology and QR codes for its working and eliminates the need to have personnel around every time you make a purchase. People who have a user account with a QR code can easily use this fridge. You just have to scan an RFID card or iPhone app and the fridge will detect your unique QR code.

ShelfX Vending Fridge

After the fridge recognizes your user account, it will unlock. Now you can rummage around for the grub you want. Feel free to move stuff from its original place as you won’t be disturbing any electronic settings of the refrigerator in doing so. The fridge will store stuff like sandwiches, fruit, milk, sodas and other refreshments inside. Take whatever you want and close the door. The fridge will now charge you based on how many items are missing, i.e. the stuff you procured from inside.

The payment will get processed automatically from your account. Apart from selling stuff to you, the intelligent gadget also keeps track of the stock. It will send out monthly payments to shop owners after keeping a percentage of the proceeds generated for itself. The design also minimizes risk of theft as you have to know your way around RFID and electronic apps to steal from it. There are tech savvy thieves out there but their numbers are far lesser than the routine crooks who grab at things from open shelf displays and make a getaway.

This is a handy gadget for offices, theaters, hotel rooms, malls and supermarkets. People who often crave a midnight snack will love this piece. So if you’re working late in your hostel, dorm room or office then food will be available even after the canteen closes. You can also use this fridge in kiosks by the street, public pavements, airport lounges and railway stations. It will be a useful addition to airplanes, trains and ships also. You can order the piece for $599 or outfit an older fridge with the RFID function for $299.

Via: ShelfX / The Verge

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