Shaving Accurately with the Slim Trim Razor

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Designing for a common man demands a lot of sense, for the deigned product has to be acceptable on a larger basis. If it isn’t something that a layman could associate himself with, it would sure get bombed. The Slim Trim Razor hangs in the balance craving for that appreciation only a commoner would bequeath.

Design Status

It hasn’t hit the market as yet but, it might be available across concerned stores soon, for very less happens on the creativity part when talking about a razor. This could be the chance to make a difference.


It can be used by people that look for creativity even whilst shaving their stubble off. The kinds who have their bodies tattooed, and consider designing the shave a part of their fashion would love this, but again, it can only being a commoner, that will make it popular. It even claims to be an ideal razor for accurate shaving so, maybe that saves the day for it.


James McAdam, London

Source: TrendsNow

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