SEW: Mini sewing machine becomes a decorative table lamp

sew 01

Contemporary gadgets are not only getting smaller by the day, but multifunctional usage has also emerged as another important feature of modern appliances recently. Coming from the house of Baita Design, the “SEW” is a mini sewing machine doubles as table lamp to illuminate your place. The portable sewing machine apart from being ideal for small repairs turns into a decorative piece of art for modern living spaces as well. Finished in steel and plastic, the Sew measures 280 x 250 x 140 mm, becoming a must have product for compact city apartments.

sew 02
sew 03
sew 04
sew 05
sew 06
sew 07
sew 08
sew 09

Via: Baita Design

  1. Ml1

    What a great attractive double functional design!

    March 1st, 2014 // Reply
  2. Sam Smith

    Wow! This thing is perfection. I would love to buy it. I can already imagine it in my house.

    March 12th, 2015 // Reply

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