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Seven most unusual coffee table designs

Having coffee with a friend or family member not only refreshes your mind and soul, but also opens up the threshold for a new chitchat. Not only personal, but also a lot of professional talks also happen over coffees. What if the ambiance of the coffee house increases a bit more with the effect of the design of the coffee table! Would not it be a great experience to use coffee tables with unusual look and feel?

The designs of the coffee tables may be influenced by your personal liking. Let us talk about few of the designs that can be implemented to create coffee table.

  • Guitar Coffee Table

The Guitar Coffee table can of course impress the musicians who love to play guitar. They would definitely long to own one of these coffee table as it reflects their passion. An Italian furniture manufacturing brand, Rocket has executed the design into reality. The brand is responsible to manufacture a range of coffee tables with the shape of a guitar.


  • Aquarium Coffee Table

A lot of people are quite fond of aquariums. They would find an aquarium coffee table to be very attractive placed in front of them while having a coffee. The aquarium coffee tables are made with acrylic sidesthat enable a viewer see the interior with a removable table top made of 1/4″ thick and large tempered glass.

  • Moss Coffee Table

The nature lovers would no doubt find the moss coffee table interesting enough to own. This coffee table helps you get a feeling of having coffee in the lap of the nature. However, live plants are not used in the coffee tables. The furniture requires dried moss of various types.


  • iPhone Coffee Table

The iPhone coffee table can be an obvious choice for the iPhone admirers and users. The concept of creating iPhone coffee table was proposed and executed by Tuan Nguyen, Ken Thomas and their associates. The table reflects the actual design of an IPhone made of corrugate and glued together with white glue. The movable features of the table are more attractive.

  • Hexa Coffee Table

The Hexa coffee table has an innovative design that provides you with an option to store few addendums to the coffee such as sugar pouches, coffee powders, and stirrer as it has few hidden compartments in it. This table can be effectively used while having dinner on the couch. Bernard Vuarnesson is credited for the design of this table.

  • Multimedia Coffee Table

The technically innovative and advanced coffee table enables you to access the Internet on the table itself as it has features like 19-inch TFT screen, stereo speakers, Bluetooth, NTFS file system, gaming facilities with game pad ports and arcade classics. The coffee table is also Wi-Fi enabled that helps you connected with your mailbox and social networking.


  • Alien Coffee Table

The Alien coffee table is an unusual looking coffee table. It is usually popular among youngsters who are fed up with the typical designs of the tables. The table offers a devilish, horrifying, and ghostly looks. This table is usually designed with used car and bike parts, tools and other recycled metals.

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