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Seraku’s new Android powered mirror comes with RF proximity sensors

Washing hands can never be more informative, after one lays his/her hands on the new smart wash basin by Chinese technological giant, Seraku. The wash basin has been powered by Android and incorporates a new technological edge in its wake. The advancement in the mirror comes to the fore when it gives you a very accurate picture of the weather, the water flow and other details.

Seraku's Smart Wash Basin

The device has been made out of a semi transparent piece of reflective glass. Apart from the glass, the whole device has been powered by an Android tablet along with a LCD monitor. Furthermore, the Android mirror has been fixed with RX proximity sensors to figure out where the position of your hands. The concept is so unique; it comes across as a very fresh concept when it comes to design.

As Google’s strong technology is backing Seraku, there would be little doubt in the minds of the people about the working condition of the Android powered mirror. Even despite the fact that the idea has still not been developed, the guarantee appears that the product will ensure it delivers the maximum output. But once it’s launched into the market, there will be just no stopping Seraku and their really ubiquitous creation.

Via: TheVerge

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