Seven sensitive gadgets for the hearing impaired

Gadgets for the hearing impaired

The world is beautiful if you are able to see it and hear it. But, this world is completely black and silent for many of the people out there. It is said that everything has a sound and if you can hear it then you can live it. Hearing impaired are unable to enjoy the sound out there. But, the technology has never comprised on anything and has always tried to bring out some cool and awesome gadget that could help out the hearing impaired people. There are plenty of such technological improved gadgets in the market. Some of them are freaking effective and worth keeping in stock for what they deliver. Here we are with a list of seven ultra-cool sensibly sensitive gadgets for the hearing impaired.

1. Soft Touch

Soft Touch

This is the ultimate gadget in the industry which is technologically improved and advanced. It can allow the deaf people to hear pretty nicely. This device is not only effective but is also so stylish that you can hardly ignore it for what it delivers. Designed by an artist from the University of Derby, this cool gadget comes along with an alarm and also with modern-technology sensors that alerts the user about the incoming danger. It can easily be connected to the household devices like telephone, doorbell, etc.

2. Ictus


Now this is what is known as perfect creativity. The designers Fredrik Hylten, Isabelle Olsson and Maria Johansson have come up with an awesome idea to help out the hearing impaired people out there. They made this awesome device named Ictus which is capable of bringing back the world of sound for all the hearing impaired people. This is actually a seating cushion that will let you hear the sound of things around you. You can now easily enjoy the movies and also the gaming experience to the core.

3. Sign-Voice Language-Translator

Sign-Voice Language-Translator

This is the perfect device for all the hearing impaired people out there. It is actually a language translator which comes along with cool sensors and technology that allows you to hear the people and the things around you. Not only this, the cool design and awesome structure of the device completely add to the beauty of the device. It can translate majority of the languages in a single go.

4. Tactile Music

Tactile Music

The world of music is not limited to the hearing people alone. This revolutionary device allows the hearing impaired people to enjoy music. This awesome device comes along with a music device and is attached with a cool gorgeous white ball. When the music is played in the device, the ball starts producing rhythms and vibrations which can be easily understood by the deaf people and they can easily make out the music out of the rhythm.

5. Deaf alarm table

Deaf alarm table

This is the gadget for all the hearing impaired people out there who don’t want to depend on others for their usual stuffs. This is an alarm table which is not only gorgeous and adorable but is also worth using for its smart and cool technology. It comes along with alarm gadget that can be worn on hands or can be kept on table. It produces rhythm and vibrations whenever you want it to. Also, the stylish strap it comes along with is beautiful.

6. Shake-Up


Now here is another device made for the hearing impaired people out there to enjoy the music to the core. Designed by the artist Pierre-Antoine Bouzard, this cool gadget is capable of producing music, so the deaf people can also enjoy the world of music. The concept is pretty simple and is based on feeling the music. All you have to do is plug these awesome headphones into your ears and feel the music at its best level.

7. Communicaid


The wait is over and the new technology device is here which is especially made to make a communication between the normal people and the deaf people out there. This awesome device is capable of doing this miracle and is especially designed for this purpose alone. This device can be used indoor and outdoor. This cool device catches up all the visual and sounds from the surrounding and the environment and brings them to the hearing impaired people visually. This device uses the most advanced MEMS microphones to capture the surrounding stuffs.

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