Segway-based GM EN-V concept balances with gyroscopic sensors

gm en v

General Motors has revealed its latest car concept, possibly the most significant since the Chevrolet Volt, by the name “EN-V” that promises to make cities a better place to commute and live in. Developed in collaboration with SAIC, the two-seat urban car generates power from a lithium-ion battery backed 3KW electric motor to reach the top speed of 25mph with a range of 25 miles. Developed in three variants, i.e. Xiao, Jiao and Miao, using the same mechanical platform, the zero-emission vehicle is balanced with a series of gyroscopic sensors, while other mechanics are based on the concept of a Segway. Capable of both “vehicle-to-vehicle” and “vehicle-to-network” communication, the EN-V concept integrates different transceivers and cameras, together with a GPS system, to read and recognize its location as well as destination.

gm en v 1

gm en v 2

gm en v 3

gm en v 4

gm en v 5

gm en v 6

gm en v 7

gm en v 8

gm en v 9

gm en v 10

gm en v 11

Via: AutoCar/Ecofriend

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