Seesaw bench makes transforming furniture look good

Ever since the ‘60s, transforming, multifunctional and modular furniture lines have been rather popular with the masses looking to save space and use their home furniture for more than one purpose. While the sofa bed, transforming coffee tables that can also be used as storage and other witty items, we have seen over the years have all been very functional in their own way, we must say that none of them appear to have been as good as this seesaw bench.

Transforming Seesaw Bench

The handiwork of rather imaginative artists Dirk Ploos van Amstel who perhaps find it hard to contain in inner child against the stark realities of adulthood and its responsibilities, the wooden bench looks and works just like any ordinary bench until you pull its top apart and nudge the legs together and use it as a memorable bit of playground equipment.

The artist has not given any details regarding how much weight this bench can withstand both in bench and seesaw mode. It is not known whether it is actually safe for use by anyone over the age of 13. Judging by the delicate looks of it, we are guessing half the world’s population under six years of age struggling with obesity would not be able to use it to play with (that is why they make seesaws in steel BTW). However, it still does make one heck of a bench where kids can sit and play the seesaw games on their Wiis, Xbox 360s, or PS3s.

Via: Gizmodo

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