See-through steel mesh chair lets you get cool print tattoo on your behind

howhigh themoon 1333

This extraordinary club chair called ‘How High the Moon’ was apparently named after the classic Duke Ellington song of the same name. And although the reference really escapes the ends of my wit, I have to admit I like this see-through chair for purposes other than what the manufacturers might have listed in the catalogue. First conceptualized and built by influential Japanese designer Shiro Kuramata in 1986, the chair was actually put into production by Vitra, a German furniture manufacturer only recently. Made of expanded nickel-plated steel mesh and covered with epoxy, the chair is more than capable of leaving cool prints on all parts of exposed flesh you decide to place on it. Can you imagine having your whole back covered with a funky mesh print tattoo without having to make any effort for it except seating your precious butt on it? the $9975 price tag on this ultra cool chair is sure a bummer but if you cant afford that you can always get yourself a miniature version if it which retails for $450 only!

Source: Dvice

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