Seat W: Wheels for the modern woman behind the wheel

Notice how most automobiles are masculine and kind of aggressive. Although men tend to like autos more than women, vehicle makers should also take notions of women into consideration before designing speedsters. After all, throngs of women drivers hit the road every day. To cater to the needs of modern women drivers, Seat W was drafted with its very feminine design, and the car even bagged an award at the Automagazine Design Contest. The feminine design, simple functionality and friendly appearance of the car reinforces women’s independence. The design of the car, inspired by the Panton Chair created by Verner Panton, is something women will be able to relate with easily. When a modern woman sits behind its wheels, she and the car will feel one and the same.

Seat W

The look of the car is womanly and sophisticated due to the softened lines and svelte outline. The Seat Ibiza fitted inside the car is feminine yet strong and purposeful. The design appears to be approachable and can be used effortlessly. Despite these easygoing feminine traits, the auto looks dynamic and proficient in its delivery. The car has a swanky curvilinear chassis and a substantially large glass encasing. Though it is spacious, the roadster does not look bulky, as it has a closed in design. The glazed top, sleek placement of doors and the way they open unobtrusively only adds to the image of the car.

The itsy bitsy grille in the front is hardly noticeable. The headlights integrate smoothly into the design and are not very garish. The indicators are cleverly placed towards the center of the chassis. The patterned wheels of the auto are really adorable. The flower shaped cutout on the wheel is covered with plastic. The w logo imprinted on the wheels also commemorates a flower and signifies freedom, independence and lightness.

The shape of the car makes it look secure, safe and stable. It looks like you will enjoy a pleasant windy ride in it. The side doors that open from the center make a wide entryway into its interiors. There are ample of storage spaces inside and the trunk opens only partially. The spare tyre is stowed inside a drawer. While the motor oil, refrigerator liquid and windshield liquid are placed in easy to access areas and can be procured without opening the hood. Instead of making 90 percent of the body interchangeable, only the minor panels in the bumper and door frame have been made transposable.

All in all, the whole package is delicate and extremely feminine. It is a savvy blend of aesthetics and functionality. Females will be able to relate to the car easily. Form and function were the prime emphasis throughout the design and development phase of the auto. The design idea stressed on creating a car that would feel like an accessory, something that would increase the comfort level of women. The unique design boosts the pleasure of driving and is able to cope with the urbane lifestyle of modern women drivers easily. All features provided in the car are extremely user friendly. The cars design is handy as well as swish and will make all women drivers feel special.

Via: Marceloaguiar design

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