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SEAT stages six autos at GTI Treffen in Austria

The GTI Treffen congregation is a haven for auto freaks, who rush to the event to get a first look at the ace speedsters unveiled by the most celebrated brands in the European auto world. Although, traditionally Volkswagen showcased its speedsters here, slowly other manufacturers have also learned to pull the strings at the gathering.

SEAT Leon Super Copa

This year, the Spanish automaker SEAT is planning to brandish six of its autos at the do. Vehicles like Ibiza Cupra Concept, Leon Cupra R, Mii city car and Ibiza FR along with a pair of racing autos will be flaunted by SEAT this time. The two racing models that will be showcased here are the $81,000 Leon Supercopa and the $40,500 Ibiza SC Trophy.

With an utterly gorgeous racing seat, removable steering wheels and a VW group 2-liter turbocharged engine – the Leon Supercopa is a full fledged racing car. The gray hue contrasted with orange accents, which are visible on the wheels, mirrors and in the form of a few banded lines are absolutely smashing. However, you can carry off the 300 hp speedster as a very cool looking passenger car also as the chassis is wide, streamlined and classy.

And if you have just started out in the world of racing and will be purchasing your first speedster, then the 180 hp Ibiza will be a good choice. It has proper racing seats, racing suspension and a digital readout system. The track tires have an 18 inch rim and you will see its protection plates just below the engine bay. The auto also boasts of upgraded brakes, locking differential, hard core suspension for racing and an improvised oil sump.

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