Seaone electric car provides the comfort of contemporary yachts

seaone  01

Drawing inspiration from contemporary yacht design and American car style, Italian designer Spaggiari Andrea has come up with a car concept dubbed the “Seaone” that includes two electric sockets, resembling the exhausts, up front to charge the batteries. Integrating radiators, the futuristic car doesn’t require special holes in the grill for cooling. Featuring a body finished in carbon fiber components, the Seaone presents an aerodynamic exterior to ensure minimum wind resistance at high speeds. Presenting two big doors to give access to both front and back passengers, the electric vehicle also folds its rear seats to provide extra trunk space for additional luggage. The concept car also flaunts a strong chassis that neatly holds all the components together.

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seaone car concept
seaone car concept 01 seaone car concept 02
seaone car concept 03 seaone car concept 04
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Via: Spaggiari Design

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