SeaO2: Ecological housing with scientific outlook

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The global ecological and energy crisis has forced designers to think and act differently. Introducing cutting-edge digital technology used in the aerospace industry to architectural designing, designer and architect Yiftach Ben Meir has come up with a revolutionary structure design to be located around the Tel Aviv North West coastal district. Maintaining highly sustainable living standards, the SeaO2 project will fulfill most of its requirements from the basic elements, i.e. sun, wind, and land, of Nature.

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The Tel Aviv architectural project is a perfect blend of man-made technology and natural resources that promises high-quality living standards while harnessing huge storehouse of sustainable resources like solar power for fulfilling energy requirements and rainwater for watering the green open spaces.

Via: Ecofriend


Architect Yiftach Ben Meir is a fresh graduate from the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning at Technion, Israel.

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