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The seamless display for iPhone which is seemingly seemly

As great new features never stop to surprise us, another new one comes in just in time. The fresh concept introduced this time is a seamless display in the two new iPhones namely, iPhone Ace and iPhone Jocker. The display of both the iPhones is made of graphene that uses the AMOLED technology. The main feature however is the absence of seams where the iPhones fold, making the design standout successfully. The iPhone Ace is a sliding iPhone while iPhone Jocker is a folding one. Here is a closer look into the technology and design that accompany these brand new ideas.

Ace and Jocker

The body of these iPhones has been made up of aluminum that apart from giving them a classy look also acts as a cooling fan. The iPhones also possess solar panels to power the handsets, saving around 30 percent of the electricity. The iPhones have been made in line with the current technology and can be assumed to be akin to the latest smartphones in the market today. The double battery concept, one electrical and the other solar, is also a wonderful idea that sets this particular concept apart. The only thing that can cause worry is the possible fragility. The seamless bodies of the iPhones also result in removing the protection that other phones have.

It is being said that these iPhones are a step into the future with an out of the box idea for their looks as well as performance. A step ahead from rest of the smartphones out there, will these chic designs be sturdy enough to compete with them? We have our fingers crossed and hope that this concept proves its worth.

Via: Concept-phones

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