Sealander Amphibious RV is a true houseboat-on-wheels

Sealander Amphibious RV

Redefining what it means to have a “convertible” vehicle, the Sealander Amphibious RV is really a houseboat-on-wheels. The astonishing vehicle allows users to go from cursing the highways on land to cruising on the water without having to stop and reconfigure the vehicle to make it functional as a boat. Geared with a special waterproof chassis, the Sealander can be taken directly into the water without switching modes. Perfect for exploring shallow waters by islands and inland water bodies, the Sealander RV is the perfect accessory for the weekend traveler who does not have the time and energy to fuss over traditional exploration gear.

The spontaneous RV allows users to explore all kinds of land and water locations with ease in a single configurable vehicle. The fully loaded RV takes off-roading to a completely new level with its increased sense of comfort that does not require unnecessary add-ons like trailers to house and carry boats and other accessories. The all-in-one RV runs smoothly as a house-on-wheels when on land and serves as an equally comfortable and functional houseboat when in the water.

Powered by an efficient electric motor, the RV requires no special permits to be driven which makes it an even more appealing mode of travel. Compact and lightweight, the Sealander comes with special modular interiors that can be reconfigured according to usage to let users utilize the space inside optimally.

The wide bowl-shaped underside of the RV allows the vehicle to retain optimal balance in the water and helps it coast smoothly in both sea as well as freshwater locations. The shallow draft allows the RV to navigate safely through shallow waters while the low-emission electric motor helps users maintain the serenity of the outdoors without worrying about causing ecological damage.

Two hydraulic cylinders help unfold the large hatch while a covered entrance area serves as a space for cooking and washing. The removable roof allows users to soak in the sun and utilize the 156 x 200 cm lying area inside as a private resort without having to worry about prying eyes and pesky vacation neighbors.

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