Seabreacher submarine has Bond stamped all over!

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Damn! Those wildlife guys won’t let you have a real dolphin. So here’s the next best thing: Innespace Seabreacher. A submarine fashioned in the form of a Dolphin! A watercraft meant for two, Seabreacher is an improvement over Innespace’s earlier product tagged ‘Dolphin’. Seabreacher moves exactly like the aquatic creature and can even do the real fun stuff like jumps and dives. The canopy on Seabreacher is the same as that of an F-22 Raptor fighter jet. This three-quarter-inch thick solid polycarbonate canopy is strong enough to handle all the landings and keeps interior nice and cozy for a party of two (ahem). And in case you choose to hunt down a heinous villain in this baby then the Bond-esque submarine will make you inconspicuous and at the precise moment will even propel you out to pounce. The vehicle uses the downward rift of its wings to propel itself out of the water and make a big splash. Hit more to see the Seabreacher in action.

seabreacher main JyqN4 3858

Geekologie via Dvice

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