Scout two-seater vehicle is way different from the usual concepts

scout 1

I would have liked to seen this concept vehicle with its rear at the front and front at the rear, but the designer seems to be thinking the other way. Designed by Norio Fujikawa, the Scout is a two-seater concept vehicle with two turbine engines, and it’s able to achieve a top speed of around 400 to 500 mph and a low altitude lift. The figures are impressive enough to make heads turn. Designers nowadays are trying to conceptualize faster and unique modes of transportation, and the Scout is no exception. The most unique aspect of the vehicle is that it’s narrower at the back and broader at the front, unlike other conventional vehicles. Hats off for the innovative thought, but I hardly see any chances of this concept ever going into production.

scout 2scout 3scout 4scout 5scout 6

Via: Behance/Tuvie

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