Scott Cruz’s chess set adds wider dimension to the mind game

chess set prototype 03

Introducing the three-dimensional pixelated image to the classical game of chess, designer Scott Cruz has devised an innovative chess set that features the pieces based on a single 3D pixel. The smallest piece in the chess set, the pawn, is a single cube (1.5″ x 1.5″), while each piece further in the hierarchy doubles in cube height. Presenting small pixel details on the face of each piece to represent the potential moves of that individual piece, the chess set measuring 16 x 16 x 2” also depicts a grayscale pixelated image. Each piece drills squares, according to the hierarchy, in the shape of the spaces that they can move in, such as, the pawn has a single square drilled through the face to represent the one position it can potentially move, while on the other hand, the knight has a series of squares in the shape of an “L,” helping the beginners learn the moves with ease. Therefore, Cruz’s chess set adds a wider dimension to the classic game.

chess set prototype 01
chess set prototype 02
chess set prototype 04
chess set prototype 05
chess set prototype 06

[Thanks Scott]

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