The Scooba 390 is an intelligent robot for wet cleaning

Vacuum cleaners made cleaning dirt easier but washing floors remained a pain until iRobot announced the Scooba 230, a washing floor robot that was revealed in January 2011. The design was a modification of its previously designed vacuuming bots of Roomba series but in a smaller form. The Scooba 230 has been designed to work on floors already been swept of large debris. But the model we are talking about here is an upgraded version of the Scooba 230, termed as Scooba 390 with more intelligent and upgraded features.

iRobot’s Scooba 390

The Scooba 390 works by spreading clean liquid on the floor and scrub back and forth to make the surface spotless and then sucks up the dirty liquid leaving you with an untouched surface. It comes with two reservoirs in order to make sure that soiled liquid is never used again. Presence of extraordinary features like beater and rotating brush made this model completely replace the 230. It also offers enhanced user friendliness along with 30 percent longer battery backup. Its water resistant battery is quite durable for obvious reasons.

Unlike Scooba 230 that could wash room of 150 square feet only, this advanced model could wash up to 425 square feet. The device is directed by iAdapt that guides it to avoid carpets and rugs and could even be preset to sweep dirt before doing wet cleaning. Priced at $499.99, the Scooba 390 can also work with vinegar and water unlike iRobot’s earlier cleaners.

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