Scion Kogi xD mobile kitchen for cooking on the go

kitchen car 01

Call it a kitchen car or kitchen in the car, the “Scion Kogi xD” is a mobile kitchen from Scion and MV Designs that lets you have food cooked by your own hands wherever you go. Removing the back seats to include a mini fridge, attached to the left rear door, the mobile kitchen also includes a barbecue at the rear where you may roast hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken, sweet corns, and so on. The kitchen car stores utensils in the left tail light and the sauces on the right. Moreover, the Scion Kogi xD comes built in with a 10-inch monitor, ice chest and sink to complete the mobile kitchen.

kitchen car 02
kitchen car 03
kitchen car 04
kitchen car 05
kitchen car 06
kitchen car 07
kitchen car 08
kitchen car 09
kitchen car 10
kitchen car 11
kitchen car 12
kitchen car 13
kitchen car 14
kitchen car 15
kitchen car 16

Via: World Car Fans/Jalopnik

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