To save the eagles, he thought like one

A team of volunteers for The National Institute of the Animals of the Amazon, a division of the Brazilian Government, recently carried out an observational monitoring of the habitat of the endangered Harpy Eagles. The chief obstacle that was encountered in the process was the setting up of a well placed and reliably strong platform. With consistent efforts however, this goal was achieved successfully.

Portable Research Platform for Endangered Harpy Eagles

At first, heavy wooden platforms were employed which were supported by metal cables. The setup took three days to take final shape. Sadly enough, the small metal components couldn’t be kept from plummeting to the jungle floor. The researcher then came up with an ingenious idea of setting up a collapsible, umbrella like structure which would be lighter and sturdier.

This movable observation platform was to be made of spare scrap carbon fiber tubes from a windsurfing mast industrial unit. It would prove to be very versatile as well since one could fold it into half and store it in a backpack. Even the support poles were made to be foldable for complete mobility. The semi column in the middle attaches to the tree trunk by taut green fabric straps and locks in place for enhanced support and safety.

It’s true, a way shall be found where there’s enough will. The researcher was successful in setting up this mobile platform and thereon began feeding his desire of serving nature.

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