Sasa wearable clock becomes a necklace for the trendy

sasa clock 1
Lost time is never found again but this bewilderingly simple entrapment lets you enjoy every minute of the time you lost. Designed by Thorunn Anradottir, the Sasa Clock is an extraordinarily unique timepiece as plain and pure as a rosary. The clock is a high polished stainless steel gear upon which sits a color coded necklace. Stained beach wood beads threaded in waxed leather indicate passage of timeas they drop from the gear. Each blue bead represents 5 minutes, the orange beads represents hours and the gold and silver beads represent noon and midnight. To tell time, you have to do a simple counting of gold or silver bead followed by orange and blue beads. The Sasa Clock is available in 12 and 24 hour versions and two colors blue with orange hour beads or natural wood with white hour beads.

sasa clock 2
sasa clock 3

Via: Design-Milk

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