Santido brings touch sensitivity to switches

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Designed by Basalte, the “Sentido” is a lighting switch that stands for simplicity, comfort and quality, while complementing the decor of contemporary places. Available in two versions, 2-way and 4-way, the Sentido light switch uses patented multi-touch technology to detect a multiple keypress. By touching more than one area simultaneously, an extra comfort function is activated, which can be used to switch all the lights in the room on or off in a single movement. Featuring pure and timeless design, thanks to touch technology and high-quality materials, the Santido presents a touch-sensitive brushed aluminum surface to control lighting, scenes or curtains at the slightest touch.

The Sentido not only senses your touch, but it has a built-in temperature sensor, so you can have the information of room temperature on the home automation system. The Sentido also has an integrated color LED that can be programmed to light up blue so you can find it with minimum fuss in the dark. Moreover, it can light up in any other color to display feedback information. The switch has an integrated bus-coupler to connect to the worldwide KNX standard, which you may program with the ETS software.

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Via: Basalte

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