Rural Bus Shelter Concept to display bus routes and timetables

Rural Bus Shelter Concept

Rural areas remain devoid of basic facilities even in terms of transportation. Although bus facilities have been made available, it is the lack of proper timetables that create confusion in people. Pritpal Sahota assessed the whole situation and came up with the idea of Rural Bus Shelter, which will make waiting time at a bus stop more worthwhile.

The concept has been crafted solely keeping the set-up of a rural area in mind. The bus shelter will have a seating arrangement where people can relax while waiting. It will have a roof above, which will protect passengers from harsh weather conditions. Not only this, the roof will be wedged with solar panels that will produce power to facilitate the shelter’s functioning.

Timetables will be displayed, which will inform passengers about all the arrivals and departures. All this will be prompted with the help of light signals in an interesting manner. Proper routes and bus locations will be shown on an overhead screen. The Rural Bus Shelter is a step ahead in providing basic facilities in rural areas. It will save precious time and end the worthless waits.

Via: Behance

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