The Royal Data Throne lets you put your morning data in true geek style

Data Toilet

Technology companies may not be as badly affected by the global economic slowdown as the automakers, banks and the real estate firms are, but with a few multi-national companies on the verge of bankruptsy every week, investors, global governments and the general public at large feeling a little more than antsy. Should these companies go down the pooper, we’re sure their assets will be liquidated and since that weould also translate in thousands of people losing their jobs, crafts projects like this circuit board pooper may become more common than we can imagine. Named The Royal Data Throne, the geeky toilet is the branchild of a company called PCB Creations and though the metaphor it is trying to impart about a flawed global ecomony is about a decade too late (I’m talking about the dotcom boom of the late ‘90s), we still love the idea of being able to gift this loo to our computer-obsessed friends.

The 12-inches tall, and 5-inches wide toilet is made from recycled circuit boards is a little too small to be actually installed in a regular loo and used though it certainly provide plenty of toilet humor at bachelor parties and other male-only events. The fun sculpture comes surprisingly well-decorated for a toilet with its parts being co-ordinated to give it semblance of a well-thought out design complete with the welcoming red swirls right at the front though we’re not too comfortable about the prickly bits of the board having been retained along the entire exterior surface of the funky pooper.

We’re not sure what kind of padding or protection the design offers to people who try to use it, but we would definitely not suggest trying to go number two on it given its undersized frame. Also, since the data toilet physically cannot be fitted into a regular plumbing, it is best left admired just as an interesting piece of art and the absence of a flushing mechanism would render it one of those devices that can be used by geeks to prove what brands’ circuit boards really stink! Though it may not be the most practical toilet fixture ever, it certainly can be used as an effective to tell a tech-obsessed loved one that they need to lay off the computer hardware a bit.

For $500, the Royal Data Throne is certainly steeply priced for a pooper that cannot be used though we’re sure the sculpture will inspire other artists to come with more functional version of it soon!

Via: Technabob

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