Rowing a boat in the dark feels less creepy when you have ‘RO Light’ with you

Rowing a boat in the dark can be one of the most eerie experiences in the world and trying to navigate a row boat at night using a flashlight or a lantern on board can be equally as taxing. However, for people who just can’t seem to help going out in the water in less than optimal conditions, the RO Lighting set can be a really handy tool. The two-part light fixture can be easily screwed together around either side of an oar to help illuminate the area along the sides of the boats to help rowers navigate better at night.

RO lighting

To fit oars of differing sizes, the RO light comes with a rubber part that can be used to secure the light snugly to the oar and prevent slippage. The light fixture itself comes with a water proof cover made in crystal that enhances the intensity of the light being produced by the six LED bulbs used in the light.

These lights are can be powered by both solar power as well as the kinetic energy that is generated during the rowing process though the designer has not yet specified what kind of a battery pack would be used to store the energy that would power the LED lamps on the light.

RO lighting

To ensure that the oar don’t float away from the boat along with the lights, a lock component is provided with the RO light that allows users to illuminate a 360 degree area around the oar when the component is locked on each side of the boat.

Via: Cargo Collective

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