Rotor Analog Watch Design takes time-telling to another dimension

Rotor Analog Watch

Three decades ago, science fiction rightly predicted that electronics in the 21st century would be completely digitized. What the brilliant writers of the genre failed to foresee, however, was that people would also start to pine for the “good old days” and “retro tech” as their lives would begin to be invaded by digitally interfaced products. The most obvious and potent symbol of this pining for classic technology is the humble watch. And even the sternest of modernists would agree that nothing beats the charm of a simple, leather-strapped, sterling-silver-rimmed analog watch. Though the classic look has been redone to death by jewelry makers over the years, there is still something to be said about the amateur designers who are still hard at work trying to give the humble analog watch a competitive “edge”. This Rotor Analog Watch Design from UK-based Peter (no last name given) is one such fine example of how even a simple two-handed analog watch can be made as complex as the crisis in the Middle East.

Using the design of the rotors of a helicopter as a starting point, the designer gives this watch a distinct 3D edge (though we’d like to point out that most non-digital watches do tend to be three dimensional anyways!) by giving its hands a deliberately elongated setting. Working much like an amusement park ride, a single hand thus moves around marking the minutes on the watch face while its angular tilt (shown via its position along the vertical side of the watch) indicates the hour.

1-12 bands mark the hours along the vertical orientation and allow the user to tell time in the most unique way. Definitely not a watch for people who like to shave seconds off routine activities to maximize the time in their day, the Rotor Analog Watch definitely would appeal to people who like to take a few moments off everyday to enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

Via: Tokyo Flash

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