Roosevelt, the Border Collie gets his own bipedal wheelchair

Border Collies are one of the most beloved dog species in the world and their owners seldom have to worry about their pets being low on energy. Constantly energetic, these dogs are great for people who like the outdoors or want to introduce more activity into their daily lives. However, no sight is sadder than a Border Coolie that has been left without his front limbs due to an accident or disease.


But since necessity is the mother of invention and dog lovers would go to almost any length to keep their pooches healthy and active, the world today is richer by a doggie wheelchair like no other. Developed by designer Stephanie Fox for a Border Coolie names Roosevelt who was born with malformed front limbs, this bipedal wheelchair is perfect for all-terrain fun for canines. The wheels of the wheelchair stand as tall as the length of the bigger front leg which allows Roosevelt to easily sit while fitted with the aid.

Soft strapping keeps eh pooch comfortable even during the most rigorously active days. The front of Roosevelt’s body is supported on the wheelchair by the dog’s hind legs and the specially adapted wheelchair is created to be able to travel through all kinds of terrain that the dog might fancy.

Via: Gizmodo

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