Make your room look world-class with ultra-wide Escea DX1500 fireplace

If you are searching for a luxury gas fireplace that gives something extra, then none could be smarter than the Escea DX1500 ultra-wide fireplace. Installed with the unique Smart Heat control system, this modern and stylish fireplace can give you the heat output up to 10kW at five star efficiency standards. With a 1500mm-wide flame, such a sophisticated fireplace can make your living room appear very elegant when you look at the flame through a 1560w x 360h viewable glass. With the double sided see-through option of DX1500, the wide flame offers a more spectacular pattern.

DX1500 Ultra

Escea DX1500 is based on the Heat Ducting Technology that makes it highly energy-efficient. Its special technology lets it capture around 90 percent of the available heat and then returns it back into the room. The heat ducting technology also supports the heat to be taken to the far end of a room and even to the hallway. Thus, you may get an even and complete room heating with this exclusively designed fireplace. Its intelligent heat control system maintains the right amount of heat and can also be connected to any home automation system. In fact, this smart system also allows fire control via a cellphone, remote control or internet.

For an optimum output, this fireplace utilizes Escea’s direct vent flue technology. Under this system, the air for the fire is brought from outside the house. For this purpose, horizontal flues are placed to be terminated on vertical walls. This fireplace also offers great flexibility when it comes to its suitability per the overall look and feel of the room. It offers a frameless look, along with the Velo fascia that is available in two colors. If you further provide a dark Birch wood or light Driftwood top to the glowing Crystalight fuel bed of this fireplace, it could create amazing fire effects through reflective side panels. The dancing flames within this fireplace might also make you jump with joy.

Via: Escea

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