Rondo Grand Mobility: A concept to end senior citizens’ boredom

Rondo-Grand Mobility is a scooter for senior citizens. Older people can not drive cars and other modern vehicles proficiently. This is due to the age factor they face as a senior citizen. Rondo-Grand Mobility scooters are meant for them. These scooters are very convenient for indoor and outdoor activities. Especially when a person attains a high age then it is difficult for them to go from here to there. Rondo-Grand does not take any help from outside and can be run effortlessly. Rondo-Grand is a next generation scooter for senior citizens and is believed to be a great help.


Rondo is specifically designed to provide more comfort while driving. Speed limit is also nicely controllable that is from only 15km/ hour to 60 km/ hour. This eco-friendly scooter is designed with user-friendly features and great simplicity to drive around. The scooter will bring great contentment in older people’s lifestyle. Older people can drive this scooter with ease and can run with freedom. International traffic approval terms relating to Rondo-Grand scooter have confirmed. Any senior citizen can take up the scooter for ride according to their wish. It is now safe for them to reach any desired destination by Rondo quickly and securely.

Rondo-Grand manufacturer is very interested to watch the response against Rondo-Grand Mobility. A team of experts are already engaged to make this eco-friendly scooter come alive. It will not run by any gas or fuel. Rondo-Grand scooter is expected to be battery powered and at the same time solar powered also. There is no official estimation of Rondo-Grand about pricing and availability. The concept of this seniors’ scooter is expected to complete by the end of the next year. Rondo-Grand Mobility will definitely change the lifestyle of old people and at the same time this scooter will beat boredom of senior citizen too.

Source: James Dyson Award

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