Roll-a-call foldable cellphone concept would be fashioned out of fabric

Roll a Call

Remember the innovative iRoll cellphone concept that we told you about a few days ago? Well, the Roll-a-Call is something of a younger sibling to it, and yes, this new concept too comes to us courtesy of the ever so talented industrial designer Sudhanwa Chavan. Like the iRoll, the Roll-a-Call too is an OLED based phone though the communicating device concept takes the functionality of the previous phone to a whole new level with as many as three dedicated areas that the touchscreen display is divided into which can be used exclusively by the three main functions categorized by user needs. With separate parts of the touchscreen being used for the phone’s keypad, browsing unit and main phone menu, the Roll-a-Call allows greater user-need-integration into the phone’s interface and avoids cluttering by grouping main functions in separate areas.

Since all the functions are independent of each other, there is no interference and the user does not need to discontinue the use of one function of the phone when the other is in use. For example, the user doesn’t need to close the browser to access the keypad, the main phone menu doesn’t need to be inaccessible when there is an incoming call, and the touch-access keypad is always at hand.

However, what makes the Roll-a-call truly stunning is the fact that, just like the iRoll, this concept too comes to us in a foldable avatar. While the iRoll’s form was predominantly inspired by the shape of a scroll, the Roll-a-Call is inspired by the shape of a rolled news paper and a handkerchief. The use of OLED technology allows the phone to be fully functional as well as thin enough to be easily folded. What makes this foldable handkerchief-like phone even more stunning as a concept is the fact that the designer intends for its outer shell to be made out of fabric which, if materialized, would make it the first ever piece of electronic equipment to be fashioned out of fabric.

The fabric used to craft the phone; shell would not only be waterproof but also coated with PU or PVC to make it a bad conductor of electricity. Being crafted out of textile, the phone would feel like a folded handkerchief in the users’ pockets. Two USB ports would allow users to charge their phones using a laptop while using the other port to share data, videos and images, etc. while twin earphone jacks would also allow users to share the use of their phone’s audio system with their friends.

[Thanks Sudhanwa]

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