Rocker Lange Architects see Tokyo’s Fashion Museum as ribbon with trefoil knot

fashion museum omotesando

International firm Rocker Lange Architects are here to remind us of the good old days when ribbon made a great fashion statement. The new design proposed by the firm for a Fashion Museum resembles a ribbon with trefoil knot. Located in Tokyo’s Omotesando district, this new tower will avoid a disconnected and discrete spatial succession of conventional towers by utilizing the concept of an expandable and differentiable ribbon as a continuous organizational strategy. The circulatory principal that is the main concept behind the design can be seen in the organization of the façade system as well. White enameled metal panels with bronzed tinted glass make the facade, giving sufficient protection to the exhibited fashion artifacts. The absorbent façade offers constant and continuous 360 degree views over the city. The building opens up an extended urban space just under the building, offering great interaction with the ramping system. In order to provide alternative relations with the urban surrounding, the enclosed space of the museum is lifted up by 4.00 m. The uniformity and holistic nature of the structure will give the building as well as the entire urban area of Omotesando a strong iconic identity.

omotesandos fashion museum1

omotesandos fashion museum2

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