Robotics in Everyday Life may not be as terrible as science fictions predicts

The gory works of science fiction writers are partly to blame for the public’s mistrust of artificial intelligence but there is some logic in being skeptical of a technological “being” that can deduce what is or isn’t good for a human being. However, German designer Julian Grote does believe that robots in the future would necessarily be as evil as literature of our times depicts. Robotics in Everyday Life basically aims at making robots a seamless part of the human routine without them being intrusive.

Robotics in everyday life

The designer envisions that these robots would help take care of functions that humans are too stressed or tired to take care of. Instead of being humanoid assistants, the domestic robots in the future would function more like everyday gadgets that we’re already used to like the iPhone or the iPad or even the PDAs of yore.

This robot assistant will be worn around the wrist and will be entrusted with providing the user with reminders, feedback and suggestions according to individual user preference. These robots will possess sufficient analytical power to learn their owner’s patterns of works, daily routines, and emotional states and evolve themselves and their data bank to better suit their personality.

Imagine a wrist-worn robot that has learned what you’re like on a Monday morning and can suggest a meal plan for the day via pictures, sounds or projected video (or even places that serve those dishes) that can serve as a pick-me-up to help you get through the day. Or a robot that remembers all important dates for you like anniversaries, birthdays and appointments and can remind you of them at the right moment and even suggest dress/gift options for these events!

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