RoboReel is a smart and sturdy motorized extension cord to keep injuries at bay

A cord reel that is as long as 50 feet will definitely come handy. And this device designed for connecting your appliances to electric points is really functional. Roboreel essentially consists of a globular chassis that holds a hardy 12 gauge electrical extension cord. The cord can be used as a freestanding piece and is also mountable. It embeds three controls, namely; the power button, retract switch and LED indicator lights. Let’s take a look at this patented and award winning technology.

Portable Cord Reel

It will be really easy to handle this sturdy, portable and nice looking piece. Touch a button and the motorized cords winds up real fast. It is capable of a continuous 360 degree motion. The rewind button is placed at two points for user convenience. It is present at the top of the piece and also at the end of the extension cord. No whipping action will be generated when the cord is winding which helps to prevent injuries.

This cord that comes with a circuit breaker is completely safe to use. Firstly, you will not be able to wind it when it is not in use. It also stops winding if it is obstructed by an object or if someone accidentally steps on it. If the cord gets lopped off, then the power will shut down automatically in under a second. This prevents electrical injuries. And the redundant thermostats will keep accidental fires or overheating at bay.

The make of this rugged cord is very superior. It can resist oils, gases and chemicals. The plastic used in its construction can withstand high impact easily. The UV additive prevents its color from fading out. Its oversized motor is really tough and can easily hold out even ten thousand winds. Also, in case the cord gets damaged, it can be easily be replaced by a new one.

Via: Gizmodo / Robereel

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