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The Ring ‘Asian on the move’ brings back the charm of traditional physical games

Modern day games means sitting in front of a computer or TV and clicking buttons vigorously to make an animated character win. But, a few years back children loved going to open areas and interacted with children of their age group, which has taken a virtual form in today’s era. Bringing back the bygone charm is product designer Nguyen Anh, with The Ring-Asian on the move.

The ring

The game device will allow more interaction amongst players as the traditional childhood games have been enhanced and modified. The design comprises of a silicon and metal strip, which is quite supple and can be comfortably worn on the hand or leg. The functional band an Amoled flexible screen that will put on show instructions, commands and signal displays. It can easily sense the device of another player and will in turn also inform about the speed and direction of the other person.

It has a wireless charging station, which will save you from getting entangled with ugly black cables. The Ring can fit various sizes, which will allow comfortable movement when playing. The product is light in weight and just needs a gentle tap to roll around the arm or leg. A user can also create an avatar of himself, after which he will get complete assistance while playing a certain game that has been selected from the menu. Asian on the move beautifully modifies traditional games with modern technology, which have somehow lost their charm in this modern world.

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