Rima desk lamp includes curtain-like-rings to control illumination

the rima lamp by dreipul  01

Winner of the Red Dot Design award, the “Rima” from Dreipul is a creative desk light which the user can control by rings that move across the lamp. Moving like curtain rings, the new lamp uses a series of LEDs (about 65), which you can turn on/off by moving rings carefully, for illumination. What makes the lamp unique is its shifting glow that the user can swing into a particular direction without the need to shift the entire unit. Detecting the position of each ring with optical sensors, the lamp can create up to two separate lighting areas with rings, while you have to move back all the rings to switch it off.

the rima lamp by dreipul  02
the rima lamp by dreipul  03
the rima lamp by dreipul  04
the rima lamp by dreipul  05
the rima lamp by dreipul  06

Via: Mocoloco/Unplggd

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