Ride waves with the Ku Hoe He’s Nalu Inflatable Surfboard

Stand up paddle surfing, also known as Hoe He’s Nalu in the Hawaiian language, is an upcoming global sport which is fast catching trend. Taking the trend a step further is the Ku Hoe He’s Nalu Inflatable Surfboard that is easy to carry from one place to the other. As is suggestive from the name, the surfboard can be carried on the shoulders like a backpack and can be inflated when a user reaches the beach for surfing.

Inflatable Board

The inflatable paddle board has been crafted out of drop-stitched polyethylene, which makes it quite durable and injects the surfboard with much required buoyancy and rigidity. It comes sans the presence of a solid board, which in turn can be squeezed easily in a backpack with a height, width and depth of 33 inch, 20 inch and 9 inch, respectively. It will be accompanied by a hand pump, which will inflate it into a fully fledged surfboard in a few minutes. When inflated it has a length, width and height of 10 inch, 31 inch and 4 ¾ inches, respectively. The surfboard weighs 26 lbs and can easily accommodate rider that weigh up to 265 lbs.

Inflatable Board

Nose diving under water is prevented by the presence of a 4 inch raised tip. On the other hand, consistent tracking while paddling is enabled by the removable epoxy fin. The paddle, fashioned out of polyethylene, has a length of 72 inches and is adjustable. The inflatable paddle board wins over a traditional surfboard as it is much more stable with its wider and thicker characteristics. Ensuring a comfortable grip while riding a wave is the EVA foot pad, which is large and has a diamond groove pattern. The Ku Hoe He’s Nalu Inflatable Surfboard come with a lifetime warranty and has all that will make you enjoy the wavy ride as you cherish every moment. It comes stashed with a price tag of $899.95.

Via: Hammacher

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