Revolving Wind Turbine steals hearts with its slick design and utility

Wind energy has probably been the best and the most convenient way to power up gadgets. Not only is it free, its use has know no bounds. It’s clean, easy to harness and has provided man with humongous uses. Thankfully, wind energy’s use is not been limited to large windmills and metallic turbines only. The blossoming design of the Revolver Turbine prototype is one such example.

Revolver, portable wind turbine

What makes the small wind powered gadget all the more unique and handy is its design. The multifaceted device has been built in a very unsophisticated way, and consists of only an aluminum spindle, a lower tripod hub and flexible urethane turbine blades. The blades can be folded when not in use. To set them up, just fix the handle on the tripod and push the blades like an umbrella. Simple, convenient and really conventional.

The whole concept has been wired in a way, making it possible for the wind turbine to generate upto 35kws of power straight out of slight breezes too. The whole idea smartly incorporates a pleasing design. Its utility is well discovered when it charges small cameras, laptops, mobile phones etc. This point when elaborated makes it the best accomplice in remote areas and expeditions.

The turbine can be dismantled conveniently and wrapped up in a slick rubber tube. It will not be long before this amazing prototype will win the hearts of everyone around, making it the most prized gadget of the century.

Via: Core77

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