RevOlve Kinetic Phone: Charge the recyclable phone in an eco-friendly manner

revolve kinetic phone

Ask a few people, what do they do when they have a key change secured in their hand through the ring in it? I can bet most of them will start rotating it just for fun. Making good use of this Da Deng, Chandra Baker, Chris Platt and Jason Schuler have designed a cell phoned named Revolve Kinetic Phone.

The phone has been shaped in a curvy manner and one end has a hole which looks like a key ring. The whole structure to me looks like a bottle opener and has been given a very clean façade. Revolve Kinetic Phone is truly unique and has been designed in a very tasteful manner. The cell phone will order you to throw all the charging wires as to pump it with life all you have to do is spin it around your finger. Wow! This sure is an eco-friendly way of charging a gadget and will definitely cut down those electricity bills. Suppose if you are out and don’t have your charger nearby? Normally you will start panicking but with the power of revolve such worries with take a backseat.

But one more thing that pricks when it comes to mobile phones is the kind of e-waste they add to this already deteriorating world. Millions of phones are dumped as new phones with better features are launched. Revolve has been designed in a manner which can be dismantled without much difficulty and the shell is ergonomic as well. The shell and other parts of revolve can be recycled separately for a much cleaner and greener world.

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