Nine revolutionary Volkswagen concepts to rule the road

Car concepts are dime a dozen, but there are only a few that manage to turn heads. Here we have some of the most amazing Volkswagen concepts that are sure to leave you awestruck. This futuristic super cars are in readiness to vibrate all category of riders and car lovers.

1. Volkswagen solar powered concept super car

Volkswagen solar powered concept supercar

Volkswagen solar powered super car is a concept design by popular auto designer Peter Wilkins, who has focused on the use of renewable and cleaner fuel in this very model. This concept car powers itself from electric motors that operate through solar cells integrated at the upper external surface of the car, and it also has a hydrogen fuel cell stack as an additional option for fueling. A unique design makes it a perfect aerodynamic car on road. It is a fantastic concept of a futuristic car that adds comfort to clean and sustainable riding.

2. Volkswagen terrafine concept

Volkswagen terrafine concept

Terrafine concept for a car, is proposed by Swedish designer Niklas Palm for Volkswagen. This unique design powers itself from electrical energy, which makes it a zero emission vehicle. The vehicle’s upper and internal body is designed in such way that it easily adjusts itself through the highs and lows of a rough terrain. This makes it an immaculate car even for developing countries which don’t have highly developed road transport system. It’s a design that has a long vision and once completely structured, can dominate the future auto market.

3. Volkswagen Inside concept car

Volkswagen Inside concept car

Volkswagen Inside concept car is a design by popular auto designer Mate Bartha. It is a luxury super car which powers itself from clean electrical energy. It is exceptionally designed which makes it’s interiors highly customize-able. The transformable interiors can accommodate four passengers easily, while a large glass inside surface utilizes the natural day light to perfection. Its a hi-tech car of the future that is designed to meet the requirement of clean and economical riding.

4. Volkswagen Kai-Nalu concept car

Volkswagen Kai-Nalu concept car

Volkswagen Kai-Nalu concept car is a futuristic sports car. It has a terrific design having a glass upper section – inspired by the waves of Mediterranean Sea, and an angular body depicts the rocks of the coastline. It also features exceptionally designed wheels resembling bicycle wheels. This futuristic vehicle powers itself by two separate motors running on clean electric current. This design of futuristic sports car is all set to revolutionize the future world of vehicles.

5. Volkswagen Rescue Rover concept

Volkswagen Rescue Rover concept

Volkswagen Rescue Rover concept is a unique design especially build for the beach rescuers. Inspired by 1940s Volkswagen Type 166, this concept vehicle is designed by the famous auto designer Sebastian Toddenroth. This vehicle has a hydrodynamic and an omni-directional form factor which enables it to balance itself in the middle of the sea waves. This vehicle uses mecanum wheels which adds extravagant features to its offerings, as it enables the vehicle to be driven in any direction. It is powered by a powerful electric engine assisted by a turbine rim that eliminates the heat factor. Multi-armed wheels facilitate the vulcanized roll as well as provide stability to the model. The interiors of the vehicle are designed for providing superior driving experience. It is a complete car which can be a priority choice for riders in future.

6. Volkswagen Aqua hovercraft

Volkswagen Aqua hovercraft

Volkswagen Aqua hovercraft is a futuristic design from Chinese designer Yuhan Zhan. This concept vehicle powers itself by a powerful hydrogen fueled dual engine. It is especially designed to cope with the highs and lows of tough terrains of China. It is designed excellently – both in the interior and the exteriors, which gives it super stability and balance. Telescopic steering stimulates the driving experience. This concept vehicle has seating capacity for two passengers and has the capability to travel to any place. This dynamic model paves the way for similar concepts which can dominate the upcoming series of car models.

7. Volkswagen Mimio vehicle

Volkswagen Mimio vehicle

Designed by a famous industrial designer Jacky Wu, Volkswagen Mimio vehicle is an innovative model of car which offers huge storage space for folding bicycles. He built this model of vehicle for storage of bicycles as they will be the most important form of clean transportation in future. This concept car does not have a big form factor and is just 3 meters long. It offers a seating space for two passengers. It is powered by batteries-fueled dual engine. It also features a dynamo having capabilities of generating power which prolongs the life of the battery. Its a fantastic design for energy conscious people.

8. Volkswagen Moog

Volkswagen Moog

Volkswagen Moog is designed by a famous designer Klaud Wasiak. It is a zero emission car powered by an electric engine. This design is inspired by electronic music. Random placement of fractals generates unique sound. These fractals also utilize noise and vibrations during driving to produce electricity. It is a unique design of futuristic vehicle that can satisfy thousands of riders, who prefer cars powered by clean fuel.

9. VW Pholeum

VW Pholeum

Designed by Alexei Mikhailov, VW Pholeum is a concept vehicle which draws its inspiration from the tissue system of a plant. It is a futuristic vehicle with fully immersed wheels made from natural rubber, and has featured shock absorbers to provide a luxurious riding experience. Gas and brake paddles, innovative steering pads provide great control to the riders. It has a highly flexible body made from elastic polymers, which regains its shape after any accident. It is powered by quad electric motors which fuels itself from hydrogen fuel cells. It has a hi-tech mobility unit which gives it the freedom to turn 360-degrees. With powerful brake system and a lot of hi-tech features, it is a concept vehicle that is designed to rule the future market.

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